A wooden wine rack provides the ability to expand when necessary

If your great passion is wine, or if you just have a couple of bottles you would like to store in the best possible way, for a good bottle of wine, or if you go and dream about your very own private wine cellar or you just want a simple wine rack there is a huge selection to choose from. One advantage of a wooden wine rack is that it can be used as a single one but also that it is possible to build them together so that it becomes a bigger wine rack.
The best way to store wine is to have them lying down and in a place where it is dark and cold. Many store their wine in the kitchen, which also looks very decorative, but when the sun shines through the window all afternoon, one can easily imagine how the wine is almost boiling in the bottle. So the best advice if you think that wine bottles in the kitchen is a decorative element of the interior is to have a few bottles hanging but not something you want to serve yourself or your guests, find instead a few good bottles of wine and store them in your wooden wine rack in a dark, cool place, unless you are lucky and already have a wine cellar for the purpose. Wine racks come in many different varieties and in a variety of price. If you have a small lovely collection of a few bottles of wine, for example you can find the rather simple model that is the square box, which is divided into small rooms and therefore has room for about 20 wine bottles. One advantage of this model is that you can quietly expand it as the need arises and the collection grows. If you have more space and a large collection of wine you might want to invest in a larger wooden wine rack, that for example is divided into three rooms and inside further divided into four small rooms so it makes room for even more wine bottles ca. 114 bottles. And if your collection is  growing, and the need is increasing, it is also possible to expand by buying an additional stand and set alongside or perhaps in another place, which also makes it more flexible than a large wine rack.
This was a small sample of the many different models, but if you would like to see several versions please have a look on the internet and search on wooden wine rack and see the large selection, both in terms of size, appearance, and wood species.