compression stockings prevent injuries contrary to support stockings which help treat injuries

Compression stockings and support stockings are often confused, but there is a marked difference in the properties and purpose of the two products. Compression stockings are very tight, typically made of rubber threads and can be prescribed by doctors.
Compression stockings are designed to treat injuries or diseased legs and should be compared to medicine which, obviously, we should only take when we are ill. They are often used when the blood flow in the legs is poor and there is a justified risk of blood clots. In this case, stockings with compression are able to improve the blood flow by applying pressure, even to the deep veins, and they are therefore instrumental in preventing blood clots.
Support stockings are more like ordinary stockings. They also provide a kind of compression which helps increase the blood flow, and they are often referred to as ”running socks”. “Denier” relates to the thickness of the stockings, the denier of a typical support stocking being approx. 140, whereas that of a compression stocking is much higher.
The name ”running socks” precisely reflects the purpose for which people buy them, which is to limit or prevent running injuries. When you run and your muscles are degraded, the waste products and lactic acid need to be carried away, and this, in combination with an improved blood flow, speeds up recovery.